Purpose: Information collected by this form will be used for client communication and for fulfilling the client identification requirements of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Solicitor-Client Relationship: Completion of this form does not constitute creation of a solicitor and client relationship. All Ross ■ Rumbell clients must enter into a Legal Services Agreement before this relationship can be established.

Applicant Information

The information you provide in this form will allow us to quickly and efficiently comply with the Law Society of Upper Canada client identification requirements, prepare a Legal Services Agreement and open your file.

  • Provide a general description of your job or primary activity.
  • How Can We Help?

    Do not provide any confidential information in this area. If we are already representing another party involved in your matter, we will need to disclose any information you provide to them.
  • If you are a party to a dispute, do not provide us with any confidential information.
  • How Did You Learn About Ross ■ Rumbell Professional Corporation?

    Please take a minute to let us know how you heard about Ross ■ Rumbell. Whenever possible, we like to thank people who help us grow!